This weekend was spent travelling up to Cornwall for the first time and having the pleasure of celebrating a close friends wedding.

I spent a lot of summers and Christmas’s in the countryside with my nan and family so it holds a special place in my heart but Cornwall was somewhere I hadn’t been too before so I was excited to be able to enjoy it for such a special occasion.

Being the city girl that I am, I knew it was far but never did I realise how rural it was down there, so you should have seen my face when I found out that the cheapest way to get to Cornwall if you didn’t drive and not prepared to fly was to travel for 7 hours.. yes 7, on a Megabus coach! HAHA. But the sun was shining all weekend and it was for someone who we love dearly so it will surprise you what you’re prepared to do for amazing friends in your life HAHA.

One thing I will suggest is to make sure you plan your whole trip. How far everything is away from eachother, how long it will take to each destination, pack lots of snacks and drink lots of water and try to pre order cabs in advance.

Learn from my mistakes. We were dropped off at Bodmin Bp service station by the Megabus coach (where we assumed was a small town with local shops ect), there was not, and at 6 in the morning there weren’t many other options but to enjoy a McDonald’s breakfast and find a local cab service on Google, so be more prepared than we were!

In some senses, it worked out quite well as we met our cab driver Dick from Mid Cornwall Taxis, Who was so lovely that we asked him if he could take us to all our other destinations during the weekend so that we didn’t have to worry about finding a new service each trip. If you’re ever in Cornwall and find yourself stranded like we were, give them a call! Very reliable and great chat!


We weren’t able to check into our BnB until 2pm so we got Dick to take us to Padstow, a little town on the coast.

Known for its wide range of Cornish pasties from rival bakeries, Rick Steins cafe, shop and restaurant, its fishing port and beautiful views.

It was so calm and peaceful when we arrived. Locals getting their morning pastries from the bakers and walking their dogs.

We found a seat in front of the docks with a coffee and spent some time people watching.


Seeing everyone taking their morning stroll and watching the boats go in and out it was clear that it was another world down south. Everyone knows eachother, children were happy and safe while crab fishing. It was proper country life.

We took a stroll around the town as the small stores started to open.

Lunch time came and we decided it wouldn’t be worth being in Cornwall and not enjoying a traditional Cornish pastie!

Obviously we didn’t get round to every bakery to choose which pastie might tickle our fancy the most but I would recommend Chough Bakery.

Locals were constantly in and out getting their warm bread, pastries and pasties and I trust a place when it’s popular with the locals!

They had options for different fillings but we chose the traditional meat and potato. A medium costs £4.50 but are huge! And very filling so well worth the price.

Delicious is all I will say!


We learnt a little history from Dick on our way to our BnB in that the thick crust on the edge of a Cornish pastie wasn’t  actually meant for eating. When the minors finished work for lunch they would have dirty hands, so the crust was made for them to hold their pastie without having to touch the part that they would be eating. Fun fact right! But you better believe I still ate the whole thing. HAHA.


During the summer holiday months, apparently Cornwall can get considerably busy and the peaceful pathways and cafes are completely filled with holiday goers so if you can go before then you’ll have a much calmer experience.

Try and book your accommodation as far away from the time you are going as most BnB’s can get booked up extremely quickly and that’s something we experienced but we found a lovely place called The Cornish Arms in Pendogett, with a pub, restaurant and gorgeous beer garden.

The rooms were extremely clean and spacious, with amazingly comfortable single beds which we couldn’t not wait to jump into, we had dinner in the restaurant which was gorgeous and breakfast in the morning which was included was spot on to fill us up for a full day of dancing and celebrating.


After a very well deserved nights sleep, we enjoyed breakfast and got ourselves glammed up for the big day. I’m pretty sure the owner of the establishment thought two different women had turned up the afternoon before with how tired and beshevalled we looked HAHA!

The sun came out and the countryside just looked beautiful so we were excited to see how the venue would look.

Harriet (the bride) informed us that it would be on grass so wear comfortable heels but that’s all she told us HAHA! Me being nosey, I had asked all year round about what her dress might look like, styles ect but she done so well at keeping everything so quite!

But I am so glad she did because everything was a surprise for us when we got there.

We drove down a long pathway where in the distance you get a glimpse of a stunning stately home with grounds so big you could see the cows grazing. This was Pencarrow House and Gardens.

It was so intimate, when it was quiet all you could hear was the fountain.. it was just beautiful.

A little tip that Harriet was clever to do, if you’re having a wedding outside, invest in umbrellas. She bought small white ones and put them next to everyone’s chair so there was no worry of anyone’s being soaked.

We both wanted to wear outfits that would work with the country theme and also bring out our personalities with it

I wanted to feel comfortable but elegant and something that I could still dance in later as well as enjoy the meal without having to worry about bloating so I chose a wide leg jumpsuit.

I found this floral jumpsuit from ASOStall and it made me feel great! And I definitely blended in with the surroundings HAHA. I chose my bright orange clutch bag from Whistles to make my outfit pop. Wearing a wide leg always makes me feel really sophisticated and definitely slims me down.

Emma chose a summer yellow suit with a black bodysuit and leopard strappy heels which was stunning on her. This outfit just compliments her style, personality and she shone that day!

The small details that she adds to her outfits like her gold earrings and the green tortoise ring make it come alive and not to mention her vintage cigarette holder completes her style! Hopefully I’ll be brave enough one day to attempt yellow like this gorgeous woman!


There was a single guitarist playing the most beautiful music as Harriet and the bridesmaids walked down the aisle. Again, it was so peaceful all focus was on them.


All 5 ladies had their hair up in side French plaits with real flowers.

The four bridesmaids wore navy floral dresses from Whistles which complimented Harriet’s stunning wedding dress.

Her figure hugging dress was so delicate it looked as if she was covered in white feathers. With a natural bouquet of flowers to hand, and her smile lighting up the day, she was every bit of beautiful walking towards us. The venue and location was the perfect place for all her little touches to really shine.

Once we had all teared up and seen Miss Dennant turn to Mrs Garcia and threw dried petals as confetti we all headed for champagne and canapés.

Making friends on the way, we watched family and friends get their photos with the new couple.

I think he was only this interested in me because I’d just had a crab canapé HAHA. But I’m going to act like he just liked me for me.

We then headed over to the marquee where we would enjoy the rest of the day. Little signs and indications along the way to say we were going the right way just made the country walk even more magical.

One thing I will suggest for a country wedding, bring flats with you! The rugged roads do not agree with heels, even block heels, another thing I learnt throughout the day HAHA.

We arrived and found outside seating areas with old, vintage sofas and chairs, rugs and lampshades and old pictures of their family in frames. It’s such a great idea for your guests throughout the day and just added to the country theme.

We then found a mirror (which myself and Emma were very pleased to see it was the mirror we all found together when out in Portabello Road), where the seating arrangement was placed.

If you’re a bit of a creative like we are, and want a vintage country theme, try and find old mirrors and other antiques that you can upscale for your wedding. It will save you so much money and it makes your day all that more personal.

Inside the tent, Harriet’s theme continued even with a simple mendala theme on the tent, her natural flowers hung from the ceiling and round wood chips for our name placements.

It was so simple and elegant and was thought through so well.

You don’t have to go over the top with decorations, as long as they work with your theme and make a statement. It really is the little touches that make the most.

We enjoyed seafood tapas and their gorgeous lemon and poppyseed wedding cake for desert while sipping on red or white wine.

Harriet made it personal to her by adding the bride and groom flamingos which she loves and it’s the small things like that that really make a wedding special. Everywhere you look you see the people around you that you love and the little touches that remind you of the things you love too.

Other things that they included was this globe for everyone to write a special note to the couple for their new future as husband and wife which was the loveliest touch and so different as they can keep that forever and look at it everyday.

After chilling in the sunshine (with my heels off you know because I’m one with nature) and a few more glasses of wine, the live band started! It was time to get down and boogie!

With Dominic’s (the groom) heritage being Puerto Rican the band was Spanish and played a mix of commercial songs as well as Latin American which I loved so I was up on that dance floor for nearly every song!

The whole vibe of the day into evening was amazing and it really had a personal, chilled out atmosphere. It was also so nice to see Harriet with her heels off (still looking beautiful) and Dom with a straw hat on dancing their hearts out with everyone else!

I don’t think they could have asked for a better day and I think it’s safe to say all of the guests including myself and Emma had the best day celebrating their love.

As the sun set and everyone danced out, it was so lovely sitting in the dark with the fairy lights on reminiscing over the funny stories of Harriet and Dom.

I was nothing but honoured to be one of the small, intimate group of people that saw this beautiful day full of love and happiness and it definitely gave me lots of tips for when I ever manage to get that ring on my finger HAHA!

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