Hi guys!

So this will be my first time exploring the world of blogging so i am learning the ropes. I’m just a tall girl in a much bigger world.

I have been travelling the world for a couple of years now and i never had the courage to put all the information i found out there to you wonderful people.

But the time came to face my fears and show off the little secrets spots and hidden gems from my hometown London to places as far as Shanghai, and all that’s in between. From bars to cafes, boutique stores and style ideas, to the simple little tips when travelling.

If i can make one persons holiday just that little bit easier or make someone smile with my own travel story mistakes then i will be ecstatic! But i want to inspire as many people to travel as far as they can and learn along the way.. that’s what makes a trip memorable.

So please be good to me and follow my journey.. even let me know whether some of my tips helped, but also developmental advise is always healthy and i’d love to hear your thought.


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