Being tall and a natural shapely size 16, I always struggled finding clothes that work for me throughout my young years.

I always wanted to be able to wear what the other girls at school were buying from Tammy girl to Levi’s, and gradually into Topshop. But I had to understand and get my head around the idea that we are all different, we’re built differently which took some time getting used too but ended up learning what my style was and that it was ok if something didn’t fit me because something else would. From friends teaching me to vintage shop and add certain elements to an outfit so that it becomes personal.

After studying textile design at university, I learnt skills that would help me to be able to create my own items of clothing that fit me like a glove but to also buy certain pieces that I can add trims or edges too and take things in to enhance it to my body and through this I’ve definitely found myself and my style.

This little post is a just to show how you can make a piece of clothing your own, that no one else will have and that everyone will think is another part of your shopping addition that you’ve bought brand new!

Every month a new trend comes out in stores where most companies with have similar items for you to choose from.

During one of my regular “window shopping” trips in Westfield, I saw this gorgeous tan coloured mac from Zara with coloured stripes down the side of the arms. Picked it up in my size, checked the price tag.. £70.. Courtney pops it back on the rale.

I walk out and go into Bershka and find another tan Mac with coloured stripes down the arms.. check the price tag.. £60.

Now some of you might think I’m being cheap but people that know me know that there was a lot more on my shopping list than just one jacket so I wasn’t prepared to loose the rest for one item HAHA.

Iv also learnt that with items like that, it’s something that you can make yourself! And yes you have time, and no it doesn’t take much effort :).

I went home that day and found an old tanned Mac from Newlook that is bought for £20 and if you don’t already have one at home you can buy amazing ones for great prices, vintage or brand new.

I then went straight onto Ebay, Amazon and Etsy to search for some stripe material.

Sad to say my main struggle was finding out what the right words to use in the google search for the right material HAHA.

For anyone who feels the same (it’s ok we can’t all be great at things 😉 I put in “polyester coloured stripe ribbon” and found a company called DecoMillinery on Etsy who did a striped ribbon that I loved!

It cost me £4 for 2 metres and was delivered to my house within days.

-All you need is some bonding web.

-Cut to the size and length of your ribbon.

-Place it onto the arms of your jacket and iron on a high heat.

-Once the ribbons set, lay it the jacket flat or hang up so that the bonding web cools and sets properly.

-And you’re done!!

By the end of it you’ll get this…

Stripes in the colours that you want for more than half the price of the ones you might buy in stores and it took no time at all!

It’s a tiny thing for me to blog about but when you do something for yourself and learn that you’ve saved yourself some money, you’re proud of it, it becomes more personal, and when people ask where it’s from you tell them all about it instead of having something that thousands of other people have too. Inspire!

Do it for yourself. Make something for yourself and be proud of the outcome because your personality now shines out of that one piece of fashion, even if it as simple as a ribbon on a jacket.


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